Saturday, November 6, 2010

Road Trip

Provincials tomorrow and then a break until Belgian Club = Road Trip.

Local crossers have often embarked on road trips in search of more racing and/or to help build racing in other communities.

Minnesota State Championships (info here) has been a popular destination in the past. The competition is strong, the fields are large, and the course is awesome (at least in my mind) - very fast, some technical bits, a long awkward stair section, and a really tough, long run-up through loose dirt. Next Saturday.

But, an intriguing alternative takes place in Grand Forks next Sunday. They started a three race series this year - the first two conflicted with our races, but the third is next Sunday. For the first race they had 32 racers in A and B categories (60 min and 35 min), the 2nd is tomorrow. The competition won't be as deep as a group as Minneapolis, but they seem to have a range from beginner to very strong and if you think where we've come from 32 is racers is awesome! And there's the added benefit of helping build racing with our closest neighbours. We've had trips to Minneapolis, Indiana, and Saskatoon in the past, but G.F. is only 2 hours away! Info here

I'm actually registered for Minneapolis, but am drawn more and more to going to G.F.

Either way, sounds like a road trip. If you're interested email me at gsewell at mts dot net.

Confirmed: A licence is NOT required for the Grand Forks races.


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  1. Hey Gary,

    Thanks for coming down to Grand Forks this past weekend. We had a blast and we hope you and your crew did also. We look forward to working with you guys and gals in the future. I've passed your info on to local adventure race organizer Andy Magness at who is also excited about future collaboration. Maybe you have some folks that are interested in the winter triathlon or other adventure races.

    Thanks again,

    -Ted Bibby