Thursday, October 7, 2010

Better Than Christmas

We all know that cyclo-cross is the most fun you can have on two wheels (or any number of wheels for that matter). After our mid-season break for turkey it just gets better and better!

It all starts with the Manitoba Gran Prix of Cyclocross on October 16/17. Barbecues in St. Malo and Altona and $1200 in draw prizes for Gran Prix participants.

Follow that up with Cross-Tastic on Oct. 24. BBQ for both spectators and racers. Three cross frames and forks, and other prizes for participants (over $3000 worth).

And then Halloween at the Harbour on Oct 30 with a $1500 set of carbon tubulars up for grabs.

Add in the race wheels for the participation series and TRP brakes for the season pass draw and you could put together a new high end cross bike or two!

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