Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CrossTastic Is Sunday

CrossTastic is Sunday. Details at the CrossTastic site
3 bikes (cyclocross frame and carbon fork) to be given away! UPDATE: With the help of Olympia Cycle there will now be 4 Frames (XS to XL sizes)
European sausages, coffee, and hot chocolate for everyone!
This is the final race in the Cyclocross Cup series to determine Manitoba Cross Supremacy.
Start seeding

Seeding lists for Sunday's race. Riders have earned their starting positions. All riders must start in their seeded position. Moving up on the start line will result in disqualification.

Riders eligible to move from B to A:
Cameron McLaren
Artur Pich
Milo Delbigio

Riders not listed in either list must start at the back of the B start. Appeals to start in the A race based on out of province race results should be made to the Cyclocross coordinator (Gary Sewell) well ahead of the B race.


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