Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cyclocross Categories 2012

There are four categories in cyclocross*:   cx 1,  cx 2,  cx 3, and  cx 4. These are ability based categories with cx 4 being the easiest and cx 1 the most difficult.

We divide these categories amongst 3 different events as such:

A Event
B Event
C Event
cx 1 and 2 Men
cx 3 Men
cx 4 Men

Citizen Men*

cx 1/2/3  Women
cx 4 Women

Citizen Women*
45 min + 2 laps
30 min + 1 lap
20 min + 1 lap

Race day usually starts with the C event, followed by a 'Kidz' race, then the B event, and then the A event.

If you are new to cyclocross you should start in either the citizen or cx 4 categories. Exceptionally strong riders may apply to the cyclocross committee to start in cx 3 men or cx 1/2/3 women. After a race or two if your ability warrants it you will be moved up.

Riders who raced cyclocross last season will be assigned a category based on last year's performance. All categories are getting more competitive. To keep categories competitive, safe, and fair some riders will move up while others will move down a category. By their nature the jump from C to B Event is fairly small. The jump from B to A is brutal. Moving riders down a category allows us to avoid pulling lapped riders. Don't take it personally if you are moved down. Three senior members of the cyclocross committee will be dropping down a category this year. Note that 'cross is an all out intense event. We don't move people up a category solely so they can have a longer race.

Category lists will be posted on this site soon. You may have moved categories! It is the rider's responsibility to check the lists and register for the appropriate event. Riders who fail to check the list and show up late for their race will not be allowed to participate in a later more difficult event.

*A 5th category is citizen category. The MCA offers a sort of 'try it out' licence called the citizen's licence which is good for one calendar year. The advantages are that it is cheaper than a race licence and the organizers offer reduced race fees to citizen's category riders as a way of introducing riders to cyclocross. The restrictions are that it is only available to those that have never held a race licence. It can only be obtained one time. Citizen's riders cannot take part in Provincial Championships (they can take part in all the other cross racers). Citizen's riders must race in the C Event and line up after the cx 4 men and women. Citizen's riders are not seeded. Citizen's riders are not eligible for prizes.

For insurance reasons you must hold an MCA race licence or Citizen's licence in order to race. 3 events; Dark Cross, Menno Cross, and Southern Cross are exceptions. These races have an additional 'open' race for riders without an MCA licence. The open race(s) will generally precede the C Event, but check each race's information. Update: We're pleased to announce that Whittier Park on Oct 21 will also host an open race.

When you register for a race licence you register as cx 1, 2, 3, or 4, not A, B, or C. A, B, and C are NOT catergories. They are simply events that group different categories of similar abilities together so we have nice fields and a schedule that is manageable for our volunteers. There are no age catergories for cross licences. As noted above lists will be forthcoming asap that spell out your category and event.

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