Thursday, September 13, 2012

Please Pre-Register

Please Pre-Register!

Local cross races are a great deal no matter how you slice it, but please note race day registration is much more expensive than pre-registration for all groups including the open races!

You have three choices for registering:
1) Season Pass. 49 people have already taken their's out. It saves 1/3 over pre-registration and over 1/2 over race day registration and you're automatically registered into every fall race*. You can still get one before Dark Cross and before Republic of Manitobah Cross. $120. Cash only. See the post below.
2) Pre-register online. We'd rather make it cheaper and ease the chaos on race day.
3) Race day registration. It's 'cross, it's awesome, it's still a bargain, but race day is 50% more.

*Registration for End of the World Cross is separate. Pass also entitles you a 50% discount for End of the World Cross.

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