Thursday, September 5, 2013


Seeding points are given to every licenced racer for each race they take part in based on the typical number of racers for that category and finishing order. As cyclocross courses can be difficult to pass on this makes the start fairer. Because male and female riders in both the B and C events ride together the seeding points are unisex. Citizen racers cannot accumulate seeding points.

For the first race (DarkCross) seeding is based on points from the end of last season. For the second race seeding is based on points from last season and the first race with each given equal weighting.

NOTE: To speed up race day flow you must be pre-registered to be seeded. Pre-registration will typically close 48 hours before the race. If you do not pre-register you can still race, but won't be seeded i.e. will start at the back of your category.

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