Friday, September 2, 2011

Cyclocross Categories

Updated September 7th

There are a few significant decisions about cyclocross categories that will be implemented for the 2011 season. Please read the following carefully to make sure you know where you should race.

In the past, we usually had two races (identified as A and B). Rider categories and races were the same. I.e. an A rider rode in the A race. This year there will be three main races at every race, plus a separate race for kids under 11 years old. Also for this year there are numbered rider categories—CX 1/2, CX 3, CX 4 or Cat 1/2, Cat 3, Cat 4 if you like. This brings us more in line with most other North American jurisdictions. Please note that CX Categories do not correspond to Road Categories. New racers to cyclocross will start in either CX 3 or CX 4*.

For the most part, if you are a male who raced in the A race last year you will be Cat 1/2, top 2/3 of B Race last year = cat 4, and lower 1/3 of B race/C race = Cat 4. But it is slightly more complicated than that, as explained below.

Women: Women who raced in A or B in past years will be combined into a single category (Women Cat 1/2/3) and race alongside the Cat 3 Men in a 40 minute race. Cat 4 women will take part in a 30 minute race.

Children: Children under 11 years of age will race a 20 minute kids race, often on a modified course. U13 children will race the 30 minute race alongside adults. U15children may race either the 30 or 40 minute races. With the exception of Provincials, race results will not be broken down according to age categories.

Citizen Racers: All racers with a Citizen License may only race in the 30 minute race alongside the cat 4 racers.

Unlicensed Racers: in races where unlicensed racers are eligible to participate, there will be an additional race, designated the “Open Race.” No licensed racers may participate in this race. And unlicensed racers are not eligible to participate in any of the other races. [An exception to this is children under 11, who may race alongside the rest of the U11 children. Unlicensed racers over 11 years of age will race alongside the adults in the Open Race.]

The races will be as follows:

Kids Race - 15-20 minutes – U11 kids and younger
Open Race - at select events
C Race - 30 minutes – Men Cat 4, Women Cat 4, U13 and U15 kids
B Race - 40 minutes – Men Cat 3, Women Cat 1/2/3, U15 kids
A Race - 60 minutes – Men Cat 1/2

An additional 30 minute Open Race for unlicensed racers will be held at the following three races: DarkCross, MennoCross, and Southern Cross. It will be a separate race from the 30 minute 'C' race.

*New riders must start in Cat 3 or Cat 4. Only riders listed on the Cat 1/2 start list may compete in the A race. All others must start in B or C races. If a new rider shows up to race and only the A (Cat 1/2) race is left they will not be allowed to race.
Riders may only move to Cat 1/2 after demonstrating ability in Cat 3 and being moved up by the cyclocross committee. Riders with previous high level cyclocross results may appeal to the cyclocross committee to start in Cat 1/2, but must do so before race day.

If you have any questions, please contact Gary Sewell, Chair of the Cyclocross Committee.

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