Thursday, September 22, 2011

Up To Date Category Lists

I don't mind saying it was not an easy task, but we had to spread things around a bit if we wanted to continue racing. Please read this first. The categories are not a reward or penalty system, but simply a matter of placing riders where they will be the most competitive. There were many variables to take into account, including results this year and last. In short, notwithstanding mechanicals if you were lapped in both of the first two races you probably changed categories. If you were lapped in one you either moved or were on the bubble. Since organizing completely sucks the energy out of volunteers that was also taken into account. By necessity, there will be further adjustments as we go along. Although we have always resisted pulling lapped riders, that is still a possibility. You are all riding so well. The categories are getting faster and faster. We will have three very competitive races.

The men's categories are here.
The women's categories are here.

The cross committee will hold a cross clinic on Sunday before the race (from 12:30 till 1:00) to help with essential cyclocross skills like dismounting and re-mounting. Meet behind the backstop at the baseball diamond. Note: please DO NOT ride on the baseball diamond.

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  1. Would the same apply to the riders at the top of the class as well - if the same guys keep winning would they get advanced to the next category?