Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cyclocross Seeding

All A,B, and C races in Manitoba cyclocross (see below in the blog) are seeded. It's the only fair way to do things. The more you compete the better your start position.

-For the first race of the year seeding will be based on the final cyclocross seeding of the previous year.
-For the second race of the year, seeding will be based on the final cross seeding of the previous year and the results of the first race.
-For the third race on, seeding will be based solely on the results of the current year.
-A rider moving up a category carries no seeding points with them.
-A rider moving down a category will be seeded at the front/near the front of the new lower category.
-If you have not previously raced you will be seeded at the back of your category.

A seeding list will be present at each race.

You MUST initial the seeding list when you sign in. You must be present on time at pre-assembly. Only riders who have initialled beside their name will be called up during assembly. If your name is not called or you are not present when your name is called you will start at the back of the category.


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