Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Cyclocross Equipment Regulations

In the past we have conveniently looked the other way when it came to cyclocross bike regulations. Some Canadian jurisdictions (for example BC and Alberta) have disallowed mountain bikes in their A categories for many years on the basis that they are an unfair competitive advantage. As cyclocross has matured in Manitoba there is a need to harmonize our rules with others. The cyclocross committee has adopted the following regulations for the upcoming seasons - see attached table. To ease the transition, changes will take place in a step-wise fashion. The red entries signify a change.

For 2010 the UCI has reduced the maximum tire width to 33 mm (1.3"). In Manitoba we will continue to allow a maximum width of up to 35 mm (1.38") for 2010 and 2011.

The most significant change for Manitoba races this year is the need for narrower tires on mountain bikes in the A category. The committee has still allowed a slight advantage for mountain bikes by allowing 26" tires a width of up to 1.5" to allow the Continental CrossCountry which is 26 x 1.5" to allow more options. It has a pretty aggressive tread. The Schwalbe CX Pro is a cross tire that is available in 26 x 1.35" (as well as 700c). It is cheap and gets consistently good reviews. The local shops should be able to get them. If not, they are widely available online. Quite possibly there are also other choices available. Note that 29'ers will be allowed a max width of 35 mm (1.38")

Riders should note that 'cross equipment often sells out and they should make arrangements to obtain tires as soon as possible.

There is no change in rules for 'B' and citizen's category.

*The cyclocross committee reserves the right to adopt rules changes at any time with reasonable notice.

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