Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Cyclocross Categories

Categories are based on ability. In order of speed they are: 'A', 'B', citizen*

All racers require a UCI race licence or an MCA citizen licence** - both available from the Manitoba Cycling Association. A and B categories are for riders with a race licence. Citizen for those with citizen licences.

NOTE: As per other jurisdictions, for 2010 riders will have to earn their way into the A category. Determining criteria will be wins/podium finishes in B and lap times vs average A lap times. Applications to change categories shall be given to the road/cyclocross coordinator (Gary Sewell) who will take them first to the cyclocross committee and then only if supported by the committee to the commissaires.

*Provincials are completely different and are run on the basis of age categories.
**There are three races on the schedule that do not require a race licence to participate: Menno Cross, St. Malo, and Altona.

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