Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Cyclocross Cup

Who is the best cyclocross racer in Manitoba?

Who is the strongest, most consistent, cunning, powerful, and adaptable rider? Start in citizen, work your way up to and through the ‘B’ category. Vanquish the competition in ‘B’ and be promoted to ‘A.’ Train cross, eat cross, and sleep cross. Slowly claw your way through the ranks until one day you are the dominant rider in ‘A’ and you are the Cyclocross Cup Champion.

2010 Cup Races:
Sep 18 - Wildwood Park
Sep 25 - Canadian Mennonite University
Oct 3 - LaBarriere Park
Oct 16 - St. Malo
Oct 17 - Altona
Oct 24 - Whittier Park

Points awarded in A category. Best 5 results count.

Points structure coming

Information on categories

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