Monday, September 13, 2010

Cross Update

Please note the 2010 bike equipment rules.

In order of importance, bike regulations are in place to:
1) ensure safety
2) create a level playing field
3) prevent an increasingly expensive competitive 'arms race'

Some wild and unsubstantiated rumours are flying around. As noted previously the only changes are noted in red in the equipment table.

The table clearly shows that in Manitoba in 2010 there are only two changes:
1) disc brakes are now allowed, and
2) In the A category only, tires are now restricted to a maximum 1.5" width (1.38" or 35 mm for 29"/700c).

That's it. The wheel rules (rim height and minimum number of spokes), two brake rule, and no bar ends rule are safety rules and have always been in effect in every category.

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