Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oct 2 Schedule Change

The organizer's permit request for Omand Park was rejected by the city. As a result there will be no race on October 2nd at Omand Park. We had previously held a meeting with city park officials and this comes as a bit of a surprise.

The cyclocross committee will attempt to arrange another race on that weekend. It may occur on either Saturday Oct 2 or Sunday Oct 3 depending on the availability of locations and commissaires. Stay tuned for more news.

UPDATE: The most likely date is SUNDAY Oct 3rd. We are working on a couple of venues to cover our bets and will update as soon as we have a permit.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work. Out of town that weekend, otherwise would love to help out. Will look forward to another opportunity. Great time last week!!!

  2. This comment is unrelated to Omand's Creek race, but is a category question. Last year I raced A, with a mountain bike. Should I continue in A or go to B and "earn" my way back? If I'm asking the wrong party here I apologize. Let me know how to redirect this.
    Looking forward to Mennocross.
    Lincoln Wiebe

  3. Hi Lincoln,

    You're in the group that has the choice of racing either A or B. Most of those guys decided to ride in the B group last week. That group is a lot more competitive this year. To race in A with a MTB you'd require 1.5" or narrower tires. You can email me at MCA_road@mts.net if you have any questions.