Friday, September 10, 2010

Season's Pass

Get 1/3 off!

The economics of running a cyclocross race are poor, in fact they're miserable. Cross races are the most expensive of all to stage. So pretty much every cyclocross race last year lost money.

Some events such as MennoCross, Bourkevale, and CrossTastic were designed as big parties and were anticipated to lose money. I don't have access to the financials of the others, but CrossTastic for example lost $1231.20. That's on the extreme end, but even the events that were intentionally run with the idea of balancing costs as much as possible had organizers digging into their own pockets so people could race cheaply. I won't bore you with the details, but this year things are even more expensive for oganizers (about $3.37 per racer).

As organizers we're determined to let citizen racers race for free again this year. Come out and try it on our dime. We know you'll be back.

Regular race entries will rise out of necessity. Oh, the big party events will still pay out of their own pockets to fund the extras, but fees will have to rise for every race just to cover the costs of the bare necessities. We're still crazy though. The people who organize the cross races just plain love having our 'cross friends come to the races and so we've created a season pass - $90 for all the races except Provincials (cash only please - separate cost would be approx $130). The pass will be available at the first three races. Not only that, but buy a pass and your name will be entered for a pair of TRP EuroX canti brakes!
Note: Sale of passes will end 1 hour before the start of the A races in order to allow volunteers to compete.
Cash only please.

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