Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cross Labs

That sound you hear off in the distance? That is the 2010 cyclocross season. It's just around the corner now, and it is boisterously yammering about some exciting plans that are in the works. The first race of the season is exactly one month from today. It is now time to stop talking about the need to start training. At this point, some actual training would be a good idea. Don't know how to train for cyclocross? A good place to start is to show up at a Cross Lab. Cross Labs are informal cyclocross training sessions geared toward beginners. They are led by a group of friendly local cyclocross racers. Come out and practice some cyclocross specific skills like dismounting and remounting your bike, hopping over barriers, shouldering your bike, and railing the corners.

This year they will take place on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The first one is next Wednesday, August 25 at Omand's Creek, starting at 7pm.

Questions? Send an email.

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